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March 5, 2016
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March 6, 2016
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7 Money Saving Tips for your Wedding

A wedding is meant to be the best day of any person’s life and money is a factor most people like to overlook on that special day. But as great as it sounds, we all know it’s kinda not possible. We are all not loaded with huge amounts in our pockets to spend. But that doesn’t mean we cannot make the best of our wedding day.
New Rankawat Tent House is one of the best wedding planners of Jodhpur. Having an expert team for Destination wedding, Theme Wedding and Light & Flower decoration, we know how to offer you the best day that fits your budget.


Few tips on how we can save your money and still have the best day of your lives are here-
  1. Choose a venue that doesn’t need much décor- As easy as it sounds, choosing a venue is the most crucial stage of wedding. A well thought venue can save you tonnes of money in one single go! We must use the nature to its full extent and choose a venue that doesn’t require much decoration.
  2. Choose a venue which is pre decorated- Get married in the middle of the wedding season where you can find a venue that will be pre decorated. This way you will get a beautiful décor at unbelievably less price. I personally suggest you to get married in the months of December and January.
  3. Don’t use real flowers- Yes, it is possible. There is no code that binds you to use real flowers on your wedding day. Use decorative paper flowers and avoid spending lots of money. Paper flowers also give the benefit that they will not fade and will look the best even at the end of the wedding.4252951430_a21e4511f1_o-1_compressed
  4. Be your own musician- At your wedding day don’t waste your money on hiring a DJ or a musician. Just select your favourite songs and give your friend a laptop filled with those songs. I bet you won’t miss the DJ at all.
  5. When people offer to help, let them- At your wedding ceremony, let your friends and family help. Its India, everyone is willing to help. This way you will save lots of money that you were gonna spend on man-force. Also the dedication with which your friends and family will work is definitely unmatched.
  6. Plan to hit big sales- Plan to do your wedding shopping at stores with big sales. Grab as much discount as you can and enjoy your wedding party dressed as the queen of your world.
  7. Sell as much as you can after the wedding- Sell the saved up stuff from your wedding day to other people and retailers. Don’t let it rot at your homes. This way you can save lots after the wedding.
With these few tips you can have a wedding of your dreams without worrying about your budget.

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