7 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding
December 8, 2014
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8 Reasons to have a winter wedding


Fixing a date for your wedding never seems to be an easy task; there are so many things that the soon-to-be married couples and their families have to look into. In India, most weddings usually take place when most auspicious mahurats happen to fall. But which season is the most comforting to get married.

Here we give you reasons to have a winter wedding which will surely make you re-think your wedding date if you chose some other season


  1. Cooler Environment- Winters in India are just great. Whether you are the bride or the groom; you can put-on all your wonderful outfits and makeup without worrying about the sweat trickling down your skin and ruining it all. The temperature is low and very comfortable, and everyone just looks forward to enjoying the wedding without thinking about the heat and discomfort.


  1. Less chance of rain- One of the biggest fears the wedding couple faces is of rain on their special occasion. However, during winter in India, there is less chance of rain than there is during the other seasons which makes the weddings more pleasant and enjoyable in winters.


  1. Good lighting- Winter season provides perfect lighting for photographs and video recording, which means when your special day will come to a beautiful end, you will take away with you some beautiful snap shots which will stay with you forever reminding you of the wonderful time.


  1. Décor will hold for long- In winters, certain decorations like flowers last longer due to the cold weather and more humidity in air. Which means your floral arrangements will maintain their form throughout the big day.


  1. More themes to choose from- For a winter wedding, your choices of themes are not limited to marriage halls. You can choose to have a garden, beach, or backyard marriage, with nature as a colourful theme. It is easier to get creative with wedding venues and decor during the winter days as the soothing and refreshed surroundings elevates the mind, whether it is daytime wedding or a night time celebration.


  1. Wear your expensive clothing freely- Cold weather is a perfect time to put-on your rich velvet and silk clothing. Whether you are getting married or attending one, feel free to try the royal fabrics and heavy embroideries without the fear of ruining them. Serving a double purpose of saving you from the cold weather and also giving you the royal look.


  1. Travelling is easier for your guests- Weddings are a way to get to meet up your old friends and relatives. However, trains seem to be less busy in winters in India and thus you can be sure your guests attend your wedding without any obstacles.


  1. A chance to have a white wedding- If you’re lucky enough to have snow all around on your big day then your photographs will really make your wedding day look like a winter wonderland. The further north you are, the higher your chances are for those magical moments so look for venues in Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir. Speak with the nature itself.


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