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December 8, 2014
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Why JODHPUR should be you next location for your Destination Wedding


Jodhpur, is a land of extremities yet towers above all other destinations when you take certain factors into cognizance. Here’s why you should plan your next Wedding in the Blue City of Jodhpur:

1. Location



Nestled in the center of the desert state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is the crown jewel when it comes to architecture and culture.
From the magnificient Meharangarh Fort to the awe inspiring Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur has it all.

2. FOoooooooooooDDD!!!!!

Do You like Food?? If yes, then Jodhpur will welcome you with open arms.
From Spicy Mirchibadas to Mawa Kachori, Jodhpur will take care of all your taste buds.


3. Colors:

The color and patterns of the fabrics and crafts of Jodhpur tell the story of a people who created a paradise amidst the heat and sandstorms of Rajasthan. Craft brings together and color ties the differences into a beautiful labyrinth of beliefs, love and fraternity.
The inner city walls are painted blue, hence the name “Blue City”. The Food, Culture and Language of Jodhpur are all dyed in myriad colors which is reflects the magnanimity and style of living of the people of Jodhpur.
There are many shops located inside and outside the walled city where you can buy those ‘Rajputi Lehengas’ look like Aishwarya in Jodha-Akbar and men need not worry….., the ‘Shahi BandGala’ Suits will make you the perfect gentleman for the occasion!


In a puzzle as to what to wear at your wedding day?
Just make sure that the procession elephant doesn’t outshine you by just it’s colors!! 😉
From Bandhej Turbans to Intricately designed lehengas(gowns) you will be spoilt for choice!!


4. People and Hospitality

Now coming to the essential part, Jodhpur has a giant share of various Heritage Hotels where you can go back in time and live those glorious days. Food, accommodation, wine and service; everything will have that Jodhpuri touch to it and you will feel as an integral part of the city.


Jodhpur offers every visitor a fleeting glimpse into the depth of a culture steeped in the past and yet stepping ahead vibrantly and fearlessly. A typical fabric would find a diasporas of colors ranging from piping pinks to parrot greens and mango yellows and blues on the same cloth.
Needless to say, their aesthetic sensibilities ensure that each of these factor works with the others creating a great wedding destinantion.

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