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March 5, 2016
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March 13, 2016
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Why should you choose New Rankawat Tent House?

New Rankawat Tent House must be your choice. In India, weddings are one of the most celebrated events of one’s lifetime. Everyone dreams of this day to be miraculous and perfect. But most of the people try to handle it on their own and make millions of mistakes and even sacrifice the fun of their own day.
I have perceived most of the times that people consider hiring a wedding planner as a luxury. I heard a caterer once, “You don’t need a wedding planner, and everything will work out!” And trust me you don’t want things to just work out on your special day. There are a million reasons you should choose New Rankawat Tent House for your wedding.
  1. Spot of the Day- There is more than enough venues where you can have your wedding. But it isn’t possible for you to check out all of them. At New Rankawat Tent House, we understand your taste and give you the best options to choose from for your wedding venue.


  1. Cost- Money is a major factor that restraints our expectations. A perfect wedding requires perfect cost planning and management. There are various tricks that can save lots of money in a wedding which are only known to a wedding planner.
  2. It’s only about you- It’s your wedding and you are the ones that must be the happiest and most relaxed. At New Rankawat Tent House we make sure that every dream of yours is fulfilled and your day becomes memorable for a lifetime.
  3. Sensing your mood- At any wedding, flowers and lighting play a more important role than we can think of. Your wedding planner will sense your mood and decorate your venue so that it resonates with your mood. New Rankawat Tent House is famous for its best light and flower décor.


  1. Managing the guests- At any normal wedding, the bride and the groom forget to enjoy in the course of taking care of their guests. A wedding planner will take care of your guests for you so that you can just sit back and enjoy your day with your partner. New Rankawat Tent House becomes like a family to you.
  2. Getting you on schedule- A wedding planner will keep you on schedule and avoid any delay in any event. Indian traditions are something that always extends their time limit. New Rankawat Tent House will keep you on track and also make you feel relaxed.


  1. Clicks for your lifetime- Wedding is meant to be memorable. And no doubt memories are captured with excellent photographs. But you don’t come across the need of a professional photographer very often and you don’t want to regret later for choosing the wrong one. But a wedding planner will solve this worry for you. Being in the business he knows the reality of the many photographers and he will get you the best one indeed.

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